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Central West 4wd Park

Can I make a single-car booking?

Yes! You can make a single-car booking. However, you will need to have a winch, recovery material and be able to recover yourself. 

Can I bring a dog?

Unfortunately, the park cannot make allowances for dogs. Please contact staff for more information. 

Can I bring a motorbike/ATV?

CW4wdP is an exclusive park for 4wding and camping. 4wders are not expected to share the tracks with motorbikes or ATVS. 

How do I book a weekend to CW4wdP?

Bookings can be made by the Google Form on our website. Otherwise, please contact us on Social Media or via telephone (0408611700).

Do I need to make a booking?

Yes. CW4wdP is a booking/appointment only park. Please do not arrive without a reservation or you may not be able to enter the park. 

Does my car have to be registered?

Yes. Your vehicle must be registered. Unregistered vehicles may only enter as part of organised events. 

Can I bring a 2 Wheel Drive car?

CW4wP is not suitable for 2wd vehicles. 

Can I shoot on the property?

CW4wdP promotes a safe and family-friendly environment for its guests. No allowances for fire-arms can be made and this is a zero tolerance policy. 

Can I have a discount?

A discount of 10% will be applied where a club has planned a trip to CW4wdP and are registered with the NSW/ACT 4wding Association. Please contact staff for further information. 

Can we detect for gold? Can we have a fire?

You may use a traditional pan for gold-panning in the river. No detection devices or digging is permitted. There is to be no access to any mines on the property by guests, and CW4wdP has a zero tolerance policing regarding this. 

You may have a fire in fire-pits available and observe any NSW fire restrictions in place.