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Central West 4wd Park

Central West 4wd Park (CW4wdP) is owned by Jamie & Julie Smith. They have been enthusiastic four wheel drivers for many years. The main property, Lolowen was bought 10 years ago and they have recently purchased the property, Welshman's on the other side of the road because of the beautiful Meroo River. The properties have remnants of sleeping/living huts & even an old sieve from the gold mining era.

Jamie & Julie own or have owned 24 Toyota Landcruiser’s with the first one being a 1977 FJ 40 hard top petrol. The most popular Landcruiser being “Go The 80” which is now known as Mog 80 and the parks logo. Jamie has competed in Tuff Truck, Woodpecker Gully Challenge, North Coast Woodpecker, Nissan Trials, Willow Glen, Jamboree, Black Rat & opposite Lock Competitions.

There have been a number of 4wd events already run on the property which was hosted by the On All 4’s 4wd Club which includes Woodpecker Gully Challenge City versus Country, Opposite lock Challenge & Black Rat Challenges. There have also been social outings such as Ultimate Rock Sports (URS) rock crawling weekends. The property is also used by some vehicles for Tuff Truck & URS preparation. Jamie was responsible as the lead person to run the events for the On All’s 4wd Club for 10 years straight in Sydney & also on the property at Avisford.

Jamie is a life member of the On All 4’s 4wd Club and he was also the President for 3 years. Some of the existing infrastructure on the property has been built by the On All 4’s 4wd Club & Dubbo 4wd Club.

The Development Application (DA) for the 4wd park was put in at the start of 2014 & has just been approved in June 2017. There were a lot of hurdles and obstacles to get through for the park to be DA approved. On top of that there was a lot of money spent to get it to where it is now to meet the local council requirements.

No one can question the passion, commitment, determination & experience to the recreation/sport of four wheel driving by Jamie & Julie over the past years and this allows them to share the property with others with the same interests.